AHT v2.9.11 (16.10.18) [wc3 1.30+ patch]
AHT v2.9.8.1 (26.05.18) [wc3 1.29 patch]
AHT v2.9.4.1 (16.07.17) [wc3 1.24-1.28 patch]


  1. Alt-Tab guide
    1. Fast Start
    2. Update
  2. Modules
    1. Inventory
    2. Skills
    3. AutoCast
    4. Messages
    5. Invoker
    6. Remap Keys
    7. Other
  3. Warcraft III 1.2.9 patch
    1. Enable AHT for 1.2.9
    2. Customize skill position

    1. Alt-Tab guide (Back to top)

    1.1. Fast Start (Back to top)

    1. Download AHT
    2. Extract archive
    3. Run AHT.exe
    4. Enjoy

    1.2. Update (Back to top)

    1. Download new version
    2. Extract archive
    3. Replace new AHT.exe with the old one
    4. Run new AHT.exe

    2. Modules (Back to top)

    2.1. Inventory (Back to top)

    Simply remaps items with following features:
    • Shift order support
    • chat free
    • free buying items via hotkeys

    2.2. Skills (Back to top)

    Left Clicks the skills. It is based on mouse clicking - so it has some pluses and minuses:
    • +work in any wc3 map (omg dota or simply ladder)
    • +doesnt require updating the customkeys.txt or else
    • -can not properly work on some pc's
    That's why I recommend to use (if youre at home) customkeys for this. The greatest way to do this - via DOTA Customkey Generator

    2.3. AutoCast (Back to top)

    Right Clicks the left/right/all sided skills.

    2.4. Messages (Back to top)

    Sends message to allies/all. There are 3 modes: simple, multiple, random Simple mode will send the following message: BACK! Multiple will send multiple line message. To make it separate it via comma -ii,-weather moonlight,-water blue,SOLO MID,-clear Random will send random message from the messages separated by "|" gj|n1|nice|great|i love u|gj guys

    2.5. Invoker (Back to top)

    Okey guys, first of all I want to say I highly not recomend to us invoker tool and other hacks like meepo puff, etc. Learn to do it like dendi from this video The invoker module has some options:
    • Add Spell - invokes the certain skill
    • Use Spell - invokes and uses the certain skill
    • QQQ - casts triple Q
    • WWW - casts triple W
    • EEE - casts triple E
    • -il - writes -il
    • Self Cast Z - cast alacrity on yourself
    • Invoke Self Cast Z - I think it's clear ;P

    2.6. Remap Keys (Back to top)

    Remaps one key to another. With inplanting profile system mb used as "custom keys" for certain spells for example you can create leshrac profile with remap keys: g=>z Also with this feature you can make custom groups. For example make F2,F3,F4 to work like 7,8,9 groups. So you make 6 remaps: F2=7 Shift+F2=Shift+7 F3=8 Shift+F3=Shift+8 F4=9 Shift+F4=Shift+9 And you can disable some keys via key remap. For example LWin: LWin=>(leave it blank)

    2.7. Other (Back to top)

    Clicks on scoreboard. It's just simply and usefull.
    Get time
    Displays the current time. Is great for old machines, so you don't need to alt-tab;)
    Pause script
    Simply pauses the tool.
    Pause game
    Pauses the game.
    Scroll Indicator
    You can enable scroll indicator by checking it.
    Writes -hhn and /squelch. Just type the playername to ignore.
    Show ally/enemy hp bars
    Shows the hp bars (in some cases doesn't work).
    Garena autojoiner
    Autojoins to garena. Place cursor on the desired room and press the hotkey. When in press it again to off the autojoiner
    Rosh notification
    When rosh is killed press the hotkey. Press it again to view info when he spawn.
    Reload script
    Reloads the tool.
    Get Hero
    Double presses F1 to take camera to ur hero.

    3. Warcraft III 1.2.9 patch (Back to top)

    3.1. Enable AHT for 1.2.9 (Back to top)

    In order AHT to work properly, if you are using Warcraft III 1.2.9 patch you should check "New WarCraft UI (1.29+)". Don't forget to click save for the tool to apply your setting.

    3.2 Customize skill position for 1.2.9 (Back to top)

    The new Warcraft III 1.2.9 patch brings "true widescreen support" that breaks percentage coordinates for AucT Hotkeys Tool skill clicker.

    If your screen resolution is 1920x1080 or you don't use skills clicker you are fine and should skip the rest of the tutorial. But if you have other resolution you need more work to do. Read the following guide for coordinate correction.

    In new AHT v 2.9.6 the percentage of coordinates are calcualted for 1920x1080 resolution. If you have other resolution or AHT miss the skill position you need to change coordinates in config.ini. To change them you should get the x coordinate of the skill and divide by screen x pixels. To get coordinates make screenshot ingame and open it in paint, then hover cursor on the skill. In bottom-left corner you will find the coordinates.

    To change coordinates for this screenshot I will calculate relative x coordinate for each dot 1382/1920=0.72; 1465/1920=0.763; 1545/1920=0.804; 1623/1920=0.844 and will place following lines in my settings.ini :

    ;additional coordinates

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