AHT v2.9.11 (16.10.18) [wc3 1.30+ patch]
AHT v2.9.8.1 (26.05.18) [wc3 1.29 patch]
AHT v2.9.4.1 (16.07.17) [wc3 1.24-1.28 patch]


Item Remapper
Simply remaps items with shift-order support and chat-free.
Custom Keys (Left Clicker)
Left Clicks the skills. Based on mouse clicking.
Auto-Cast (Right Clicker)
Right Clicks the left/right/all sided skills. Based on mouse clicking.
Sends message to allies/all. There are 3 modes: simple, multiple, random.
Invoker Hotkeys
Some invoker macros. Not recommended to use.
Remap Keys
Remaps one key to another.
Show Scoreboard
Clicks on scoreboard. It's just simply and usefull.
Share Control
Shares control to everyone.
Get Time
Displays the current time, so you don't need to alt-tab;)
Pause Script
Simply pauses the tool.
Ignore (/squelch)
Writes -hhn and /squelch. Just type the playername to ignore.
Pause Game
Pauses the game.
Show ally hp bar
Shows the ally hp bars.
Show enemy hp bar
Shows the enemy hp bars.
Garena autojoiner
Autojoins to garena. Place cursor on the desired room and press the hotkey. When in press it again to off the autojoiner.
Rosh Notification
When rosh is killed press the hotkey. Press it again to view info when he spawn.
Get Hero (double F1)
Double presses F1 to take camera to ur hero.
Mouse Capture
Don't let mouse to get out the wc3 window.
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