AHT v2.9.11 (16.10.18) [wc3 1.30+ patch]
AHT v2.9.8.1 (26.05.18) [wc3 1.29 patch]
AHT v2.9.4.1 (16.07.17) [wc3 1.24-1.28 patch]


AHT v2.9.11

  • Fixed shift + click inventory, skills.
  • Added quick cast in customkeys functionality. It will left click on original cursor position after. Delay can be modified in settings.ini DelayQuickCast

AHT v2.9.10

  • add mouse blocking when script is clicking skills for left click.
  • improved info about new chat-free system

AHT v2.9.9

  • New old Chat-detecting system (from aht v2.1b) based on colors. Works in any patch. For <1.30 patch if chat is interrupted use older version of AHT
  • Fix chat-free for 1.30 patch in new chat-detecting system
  • added 50 ms delay after skill click for customkeys (can be modified in settings.ini) for left click
  • removed mouse blocking when script is clicking skills for left click
  • removed unnecessary mouse move for non-uac users

AHT v2.9.8

  • Fixed WarCraft III 1.29.2 Support for chat.

AHT v2.9.7

  • Added WarCraft III 1.29.2 Support.

AHT v2.9.6

  • Fix chat detection for 1.2.9 patch
  • Add customization of skill position through ini file
  • Add link to the guide for customization skill positions

AHT v2.9.5

Warning if you have new patch you must check "New WarCraft UI (1.29+)" for the chat-suspend work and for proper work of all coordinate-based hotkeys (skill hotkeys, autocast, scoreboard, etc).

  • Added WarCraft III 1.29 Support.

AHT v2.9.4

  • Added WarCraft III 1.28.5 Support.

AHT v2.9.3

  • Added WarCraft III 1.28.4 Support.

AHT v2.9.2

  • Added WarCraft III 1.28.1 Support.

AHT v2.9.1

  • Added WarCraft III 1.27.1 Support.

AHT v2.9

  • Added WarCraft III 1.27 Support.
  • Fixed links

AHT v2.8e

  • Added Dota2 Reborn Support.

AHT v2.8d

  • Invokers with customkeys now can use add spell by putting their hotkeys in bottom righter area of invoker tab. (other functions will work only if the skill keys are the same as original Wall(G), EMP(C), etc.
  • Customkeys will work faster if you choose only Enable Customkeys
  • Deleted l ProfileName command. To load profile use /l ProfileName
  • double click hotkey will choose that hotkey see image below
  • added tab links
  • fixed all urls

AHT v2.8c

  • fixed following hotkeys \ ' , . /
  • fixed url of site

AHT v2.8b

  • fixed double click hotkeys for autocast
  • added selfcast skills on double click
  • added hotstring -c = -clear
  • will work in dota2

AHT v2.8

  • added double click hotkeys support for autocast (test)
  • added double click hotkeys support for invoker (test)
  • removed hotstring btw
  • added hotstrings (l, reload, suspend, exit) without "/" which would do the same as with. For example u can type exit or /exit it will exit tool.

AHT v2.7b

  • fixed issue with "other=>run program" feature
  • added "Run WarCraft 3" in the tray menu

AHT v2.7

  • fixed issue with "\" hotkey
  • removed menu hotkeys for proper setting wc3 hotkeys
  • packed images into the program

AHT v2.6b

AHT v2.6

  • fixed some problems with turning off/on mouse capture
  • removed note "Im here"
  • customkeys will work with uac-on
  • customkeys will work when learn (for full-screen users)

AHT v2.5b

  • hotstrings and commands improvements

AHT v2.5

  • Profile loading:
    loading with /l will not tab u to desktop - instead it will play sound and type whether it loaded successfully or not (after 1 sec)
    loading with /l will work only in wc3
  • added in traymenu item reload
  • added hotkey for window mouse capture (in Others tab)
  • added command /reload - reloads script
  • added command /exit - exits script
  • added hotstrings:
    btw - by the way
    -u - -unlock
    -wa - -water
    -we - -weather
    -re - -repick
    -ra - -random
  • added comandlist (Help->Commands)
  • fixed hotkey "pause script"
  • Small GUI fixes and improvements

AHT v2.4b

  • Fixed messages

AHT v2.4

  • new chat-suspend system
  • full support window mode
  • added loading profiles system (to load profile in the game u need to type /l Profile
    profile - ur profile name)
  • change default hotkey Others=>Get Hero to blank (was F1)
  • fixed bug on a start for non-english keyboard layout
  • fixed small bug with gui messages and remap keys
  • improved scoreboard coordinates

AHT v2.3

  • shift ordering for uac-on users removed but for unac-off - users will not bug
  • fixed not working 1 skill (if u use customkeys)

AHT v2.2b

  • fixed a little messages (that send space before comand)
  • fixed hotkey scoreboard for non-english keyb layout

AHT v2.2

  • more window mode support
  • fix multiline message
  • decrease tooltip time
  • fix autoupdate

AHT v2.1b

  • returned to old chat-suspending (sry for window mode users)
  • added chat-suspend menu
  • fix issue with adding as change the hotkey

AHT v2.1

  • Added style option
  • Added style chooser (menu options->color style)
  • Default hotkeys:
  • Added fefault hotkey "L" for -il
  • Scroll Indicator by default is off
  • added notification in tray
  • added "Open GL on" to open wc3 in opengl
  • added "Improve fps" which "improves" FPS HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Blizzard Entertainment\Warcraft III\Video reg_dword lockfb "0"
  • Reworked Messages module*
  • Reworked KeyRemap module
  • Added support for win7 and uac on

AHT v2.0rc5

  • New chat-suspend mechanism (maded by yayuhhz):
  • Chat-Suspend and lobby-suspend is on for all user
  • Removed that checkboxes
  • Works in window mode!!!
  • Improved window mode (maded by yayuhhz):
  • To clip cursor you will need to only set in options menu or in tray menu Mouse Capture (if it's not on already) instead of hotkey-press
  • Now works only for wc3 window
  • Replaced options from "Other" tab to Otions menu
  • Removed some options
  • Replaced fast start program to the other tab to make tool more semantic
  • Fixed some small bugz
  • added new hotkey reload if smth wrong (however I think it temporarily)
  • Changed default hotkey for Autojoin Garena from !G to !J

    AHT v2.0rc4

    • long keys (caps lock, mousewheel) no longer will be produced
    • removed caps lock always off and numlock always on
    • removed script settings of making hotkey faster
    • fixed (i hope so) not proper function of share control
    • add buttons instead of hotkey input for 1st remap key
    • added 4 more remap keys available
    • added function of run program/file/etc (in remap tab)
    • added hotkeys to hide/reload/exit (alt+h/r/x)
    • added some wc3 functions in top menu
    • added some delay (100ms) to sending multiple messages

    AHT v2.0rc3

    • fixed bug with "2" key
    • added top menu panel
    • added profile system
    • added about window
    • inventory input is customized
    • added simple update checker
    • reworked sho-toggle mechanism
    • shop-toggle is always on

    AHT v2.0rc2 (Back to top)

    • fixed bugz with inteface
    • added some more remap keys
    • remap keys in new tab
    • remaded vk converter
    • improved roshan notification
    • improved garena autojoiner

    AHT v2.0rc1 (Back to top)

    • added interface
    • added roshan notification

    AHT v1.9rc3 (Back to top)

    • fixed issue with shop independance
    • added healthbar
    • added icon to AHT.exe
    • AHT script can load any config.ini**

    AHT v1.9rc2 (Back to top)

    • Little code change
    • Fixed some stuff

    AHT v1.9rc1 (Back to top)

    • Fixed issue which can be if ur ShopIndependence=on
    • Added conversion to virtualkeys (function author - InFlames)
    • added sound when joining room
    • reduce autodetect' timer period to 1.1 sec and taking color from 1 point
    • added some more long messages
    • Fixed Shift+Item

    AHT v1.8.1b (Back to top)

    • Fixed issue with not properly chatting (for users with scrollindicator=off; autodetect="on")
    • Fixed Shift+Item

    AHT v1.8.1 (Back to top)

    • Added option to autodetect (not compatible with window mode)
    • Replace sendplay to send mode for more reliable function the share control and the whole script on old machines
    • removed wait variable (for share control)
    • Improved garena autojoiner (from now you don't need to deactivate it when you join the room and increased time period to 5.010s)
    • added option ShopIndependence. If it's on - the inventory will not work when you click on the shops => you can have same hotkeys on inventory and items in the shop (so hard to explain....)

    AHT v1.8 (Back to top)

    • Fixed issue with shift+item
    • Added long messages, which allow you to send multiple messages with 1 hotkey.
    • Added Garena Autojoiner

    AHT v1.7 (Back to top)

    • Fixed issue with not properly chatting (for users with scrollindicator=off; autodetect="on")
    • Fixed Shift+Item

    AHT v1.6 (Back to top)

    • Added 5 slots for fast tp
    • Added commands to invoker module (qqq, www, eee, il)
    • Fixed Quick messages (that doesnt send messages started with !, +, etc)
    • Some code change

    AHT v1.5 (Back to top)

    • Added module RemapKeys
    • Added FastTp (double click 6th slot) (LWin)
    • Some minor code change

    AHT v1.4b (Back to top)

    • Fixed issue with not placing back mouse after showing Scoreboard

    AHT v1.4 (Back to top)

    • Full suport for window-mode users by yayuhhz
    • Added invoker module for full version visit AucT Hotkeys Tools (AHT) Official Website
    • Added some switchers (Scroll indicator, etc)

    AHT v1.3b (Back to top)

    • New Window mouse capturer by yayuhhz

    AHT v1.3 (Back to top)

    • Added function of mouse trapping (dunno if works)
    • Added Quick Message module
    • Added hotkey auto all (for most heroes to autocast)
    • Changed time of sharing control to trigger properly on slower machines

    AHT v1.2b (Back to top)

    • Added Scroll Lock indicator of the script
    • Fixed Alt-P - pause game for non-english keyboard layout
    • Fixed ignore - so it will suspend script for proper typing the name

    AHT v1.2 (Back to top)

    • Faster Share Control
    • End will suspend (pause/unpause) all script
    • Removed option to send original key with Scoreboard
    • Some small config.ini edit

    AHT v1.1.2 (Back to top)

    • Added a small update, which allows you to shift+hotkey properly (i.e sk' ult - shift+dagger)

    AHT v1.1 (Back to top)

    • Left-Clicker
    • Chat suspending
    • Disable Key option
    • Post ignore (/squelch)
    • Get Hero (L Windows)
    • Added Web-Site AucT Hotkeys Tools (AHT) Official Website

    AHT v1.0b (Back to top)

    • removed-chat suspending

    AHT v1.0 (Back to top)

    • first release

    NOTE: Windows only!

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